Close-up Magic

As the name implies, this show is made to be presented close to the audience, small objects such as cards, coins, rubber-bands and other common daily-life objects are used. Close-up Magic shows are characterized by the direct interaction with the audience and it can be used to "break the ice" among guests.

Genre: Magic with small objects (coins, cards, rubber-bands, etc.)

Good for: Restaurants, weddings, birthday parties, dinners, themed events, cocktail parties, corporate events, etc.

Suitable for: All Ages

Duration: 2 hours


Stage Magic

These are shows to be presented on a stage or in a room for the whole audience. Stage Magic acts feature classics of Magic, with objects of medium or large size, such as: metal rings, ropes, boxes, candles, among others. All these followed by musical moments, humor and interaction with the audience.

Genre: Magic with medium or large sized objects (ropes, metallic rings, straight jacket, etc.)

Good for: Weddings, birthday parties, Halloween, themed events, ceremonies, commemorations, corporate events, festivals, kid's parties, etc.

Suitable for: All ages

Duration: 60 minutes



Genre: Magic workshop for kids. During a period of time students will learn Magic tricks of simple execution and curiosities about the fascinating world of Magic. This is a workshop to give the necessary foundations for starting in the Art of Magic and at the same time it gives an approach to the perception of objects in a different way.

Level: Beginners

Good for: Holiday camps, schools, kids clubs, etc.

Suitable for: From 6 to 12 years of age

Duration: 4 hours a day, for 3 days (or accordingly)